the brand naming process

The art of naming is, first and foremost, an emotional strategy.

We produce irresistible names that give brands a competitive edge and the emotional advantage to become category leaders.
Know who you're up against!
Competitive Analysis
This is the fundamental phase in the name development process. We perform a comprehensive competitive analysis investigating the names, messages, tone, and market positioning of competitors' brands. This will give you a clear picture of where your competition stands and will tell you how you need to position your brand to disrupt the category and become the leader.
  • Competitive Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Consulting
Find your purpose!
Positioning and Goal Setting
All great names work in concert with the positioning of the brand they speak for. We dig into your business, discuss the scope of the challenge and consult on the most suitable positioning. A refined and specific positioning is essential for a memorable name.
  • Persona Analysis and Development
  • Brand Personalisation
  • Brand Positioning
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Goal Setting
  • Consulting
No holds barred!
Name Development
Informed by our competitive analysis, the desired positioning, and the strategic directions, we start forging numerous name candidates. Each must establish the desired perception and needs to perform an outstanding job for your marketing, branding, and advertising endeavours.
  • Consumer Interaction Analysis
  • Direction Setting
  • Emotion Research
  • Name Development
  • Brand Architecture
  • Visual Identity
One name to rule'em all!
Name Evaluation
This is the step where we evaluate the best name candidates with our proprietary scoring system. We look at the characteristics of the name while taking into account the breadth of emotional and cultural associations that the name invokes in various cultural contexts. We present you the top contenders and advise you on which one will likely work best and will be best suited for your purposes.
  • Slogan Development
  • Name Evaluation
  • Online Brand Development
  • Name + Slogan Scoring
Own your name! Legally!
Before presenting you the top candidates, we screen all the proposed names for domestic or international trademark availability and score the likeliness of a name to be registered. This makes sure that the names we produce through our process can be used legally in the areas where your business operates.
  • Trademark Screening
  • Trademark Application
  • Trademark Amendment
  • Trademark Dipute Settlement
  • Trademark Registering Testing
  • Service Marks